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27 Tweaks to Enhance Your Online Marketing

#1 – Email Only

When creating squeeze pages, there is no longer a need to capture the first name. Just capture the email.

In years past, the name was good because you could do “name personalization” in the email you send out. Now everyone knows it’s a trick. It usually decreases response.

Capturing ONLY their email on the other hand almost always increases your conversion rates on your squeeze pages. So forget the name, capture the email address only.

#2 Send More Second Notices

At the very least, in your email marketing, you should add one more autoresponder messages, and email more frequently. The easiest way to do this is to take your last email you wrote, and just copy and paste it in again and send it out.

The only thing you change is the subject line to: second notice. And then say, “here is the email I sent you yesterday, in case you missed it…” and then just give them the same email. Almost no time or effort on your part… yet if you got any response at all from the first email, you will get results from this one as well.

#3 Test a Simplified Squeeze Page

If you have a squeeze page out there right now to build your list, and it’s over 100 words, make it less. Usually a lot less.

Just a headline, a subhead and a one sentence call to action works wonders. Just like the squeeze page giving away this free report. At the very least it’s worth a test. It almost always increases your conversion rates.

#4 Spend Less Time Studying

One of the ways to increase your profits is to simply take more action. Way too many Internet marketers study too much. You should – at the very least – act as much as you “study”.

So that means if you spent 10 minutes reading this report, you should follow it up immediately with at least 10 minutes of pure action to build your business. If you do nothing more but follow this rule: “take action at least as much as you study” your Internet business will meet with success.

#5 Use Weird Words in Headlines

This applies to email subject lines, blog post and article headlines and even sales letters. Weird words get attention, and can help get your message read. Some of my favorite words to use are unadulterated, shenanigans, bam-boozled, balderdash, flim flammed, dilly-dally and willy nilly.

#6 Super Short Email Subject Lines

Think about it – when your friends, co-workers, and family email you, they usually write very short email subject lines. So that helps you get YOUR emails you send opened.

Also, they stand out. Most marketers use super long subject lines, so yours will draw attention because they’re so short. Try it. You’ll be amazed at your open rates.

#7 Use Pattern Interrupts More

The last example (#6) is a pattern interrupt. Every other marketer goes long, you go short. Here’s another example of a pattern interrupt: On a call once, Jason was about to reveal a strategy for making money online.

He started it with: “What I’m about to show you, you probably won’t do even though if you did do it, your success would be almost guaranteed. However, even though it’s such a great strategy, almost everyone I share it with never does it… and I don’t know why… so you probably won’t do it… but if you did do it, man you’d get quick and easy results.”

This is a bit of reverse psychology. Most marketers frame it the other way – you can do it. Jason interrupts the pattern – you probably won’t do it… Result – people are more eager to prove him wrong, and actually do it!

#8 Sell Earlier

One of the biggest mistakes people make in marketing is they don’t sell early enough. Especially on low ticket products. Often times people leave the sales page before they even know what the offer is.

Sometimes the best thing to do is come right out in the first paragraph and say: “I’d like to sell you something. I think you’ll want to buy it, because it’s a really great deal. Here’s what it is…”