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It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been one busy beaver so to speak. That’s a good thing right? 🙂

One of the things I was working on was adding a book collection to Coaching With Jon. It is finished. The books are in PDF format and mostly relate to working online, scams, site flipping, blogging, etc.

There’s so many ebooks out there, and we tend to get busy leaving little time for reading. I understand completely. That’s why I only have a few available and tried to include books I thought might actually help someone.

Here is a list of books available in the store so far:

  • Building Profitable Membership Sites
  • Making Money In Freelancing
  • Avoiding Online Scams
  • Affiliate Money Magnets
  • Self Publishing Success
  • Making Money with Website Flipping
  • Membership Cash Secrets
  • Profitable Blogging Strategies
  • Fast Cash Strategies
  • Gig Site Profits

If any of these interest you then take a look at this page: and find your book to buy. I kept the prices low so everyone can afford them. $7 a book or $21 for the whole shebang.

Just remember one thing: working online takes work. You can’t buy an ebook and expect to make money if you don’t follow the instructions. Take action. There is no “Do nothing and get rich” jobs available. Even if you won the lottery, you still had to take action by purchasing a ticket 🙂

I hope the books help you. Feel free to leave a comment – good or bad. I take bad feedback as a guideline to make my business more user friendly. Most of the time bad feedback is really good feedback.

Oh, and just to leave a note: this page is not SEO optimized. Ever since Google’s Penguin update where they said they would be penalizing over optimized pages, I’ve decided to just write. I might start optimizing again once I figure out exactly what Google wants. I do know this: when it comes to search engines, quality content will always be king.
  • Kay Brasher says:


    I am sure they are very useful. You don’t provide people with Junk. Everything you do is filled with quality.
    Thanks for doing these for us.

    Kay Brasher

    June 4, 2012 at 8:13 PM

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